Index of Sermons 

Preached by Pastor Ostella

An asterisk indicates that the message was not taped.


9-26-1999 Victory Over Sin and Christian Duty (Rom 6:11-14) 
10-3-1999 Freedom in the Law
10-10-1999 Being in the Spirit Verses in the Flesh
10-24-1999 Facing Death with Hope
10-31-1999 The Duty of Those Bound for Resurrection Glory
11-7-1999 Remembering Our One Lord
11-21-1999 Handling Differences As One Loaf
11-28-1999 Showing Love in the Face of Differences
12-5-1999 Pastoral Care, Differences, Grace and Love
1-9-2000 *The Gospel to the Romans
1-16-2000 *The Obligation to Put Sin to Death
1-23-2000 *The Leading of the Spirit
1-30-2000 *How to Put Sin to Death
2-6-2000 *The Motivating Affection of Sonship
2-13-2000 *Suffering With Him
2-20-2000 *Suffering With Hope
2-27-2000 *Our Spiritual Helper in Time of Need
3-5-2000 *Our Love Within God's Providential Love
3-12-2000 *God's Call Within His Providence
3-19-2000 *The Promise of Providence
3-19-2000 *A Catechism on Romans 8:28
3-26-2000 *Duty Based on Romans 8:28
4-16-2000 Remembering Along the Lines of God's Reminding Through John
4-23-2000 *Election: the Theme is Love (Rom. 8:29-30)
4-30-2000 *Predestination: An Overflow of Love
5-7-2000 The Blessings of Electing Love
5-28-2000 The Foundation of Christian Assurance: The Love of God
6-4-2000 Limited Atonement
6-11-2000 Communion: A Triumphal Feast
6-18-2000 What Can We Now Say?
6-25-2000 The Seriousness of the Jewish Problem
7-2-2000 An Initial Answer to the Jewish Problem
7-9-2000 Paul's Defense of Sovereign Election to Salvation
7-16-2000 Sovereign Election Applied
7-23-2000 God Has Every Right
8-6-2000 Obtaining What You Did Not Seek
8-13-2000 The Christian Passover Meal
8-20-2000 The Outstretched Hands of God
8-27-2000 God's Desire and Ours for the Salvation of Sinners
9-3-2000 Israel's Blessing in the Present
9-10-2000 Questioning a Future Restoration of Israel
9-17-2000 Israel's Blessing in the Future
9-24-2000 Duty Arising from God's Blessing of the Nations through Israel
10-1-2000 Mercy's Demand of Worship
10-8-2000 The Temptation of Christ 
10-22-2000 Mercy's Demand of Godliness
10-29-2000 Duty to Government
11-5-2000 Christian Living Under Authority
11-12-2000 The Duty of Those Who Govern
11-19-2000 Formulating a Christian Philosophy of Government
12-3-2000 Thinking About the Law
12-10-2000 Remembering With a Broad Brush
12-24-2000 God's Chief End and Ours
12-31-2000 Man's Chief End
1-7-2001 Fulfilling Our Chief End
1-14-2001 Giving and Receiving Pastoral Care
1-21-2001 The Antithetic Aspect of the Law
1-28-2001 Why is the Six and One Pattern Special?
2-4-2001 God's Six Days and Ours
2-11-2001 Remembering the Lord of Glory
2-18-2001 God's Seventh Day and Ours
2-25-2001 The Promise of the Sabbath
3-4-2001 Keeping Sunday Holy
3-11-2001 The Command to be Humble
3-18-2001 Perspective on Our Gifts
3-25-2001 Christian "Busy-ness"
4-8-2001 Christ Our Fellow Traveler
4-15-2001 Seeing the Risen Christ
4-22-2001 Continue on the Good Path
4-29-2001 Compounding Love
5-6-2001 Joyful Patience in the Face of Suffering
5-13-2001 Overcoming When Wronged
5-20-2001 Serving by Law and Love
6-3-2001 It is Time to Wake Up
6-10-2001 A Kingdom Feast Now and Not Yet
6-17-2001 Live in the Light, Not Darkness
6-24-2001  Clothe Yourself with Christ, not Darkness
7-8-2001 Doubtful Days and the Lord's Day
7-15-2001 The Weak and the Strong
7-29-2001 The Stumbling Block Principle
8-5-2001  Seeking to Please Others
8-12-2001 Jesus: Our Singing Servant King
8-19-2001 Paul's Boldness in Writing the Romans
9-2-2001 Paul's Christ-Centered Boasting
9-9-2001 Struggling in Prayer with One Another
9-16-2001 When Towers Fall
9-30-2001 Commendations and Greetings
10-7-2001 Remembering Along the Lines of God's Reminding
10-14-2001 What Happened to Romans 16.24?
10-21-2001 Paul's Fourfold Closing to Romans
10-28-2001 Paul's Final Doxology
11-4-2001 Retrospect on the Gospel to the Romans
11-11-2001 Praying Apologetically
11-18-2001 Living Apologetically
11-25-2001 Speaking Apologetically
12-9-2001 Remembering Via Two Major Events
12-16-2001 *God's Voice and Ours in Baptism
12-23-2001 God's Chief End
12-30-2001 The Covenantal Six and One
1-6-2002 Membership in Christ's Church
1-13-2002 The Primacy of Preaching in the Assembly
1-20-2002 Peter's Apologetics Paradigm
1-27-2002 Peter's Apologetics Paradigm (2)
2-3-2002 Peter's Apologetics Paradigm (3)
2-10-2002 Christ Our Teacher
2-17-2002 Paul's Autonomy Warning
2-24-2002 Exposing the Folly of Autonomy
3-3-2002 Biblical Tradition
3-10-2002 Normative Status of the Written Old Covenant
3-17-2002 Normative Status of the Written New Covenant (1)
3-24-2002 Normative Status of the Written New Covenant (2)
3-31-2002 *Remembering the Lord's Day to Keep it Holy
4-7-2002 The Normative Status of the Written New Covenant (3)
4-21-2002 Remembering Christ in Covenant Perspective
4-28-2002 The Ultimate Presupposition in Christian Apologetics
5-5-2002 Point of Contact in Christian Apologetics
5-12-2002 The Problem of Evil Argument for Atheism
5-19-2002 God's Speech, Theology, and the Sciences
5-26-2002 A Christian Approach to Genesis One
6-2-2002 The Extraordinary Creation Days
6-9-2002 The Seeking Savior
6-16-2002 Christ's Effectual Call
6-30-2002 *God of Creation
7-7-2002 The Miracle of Creation (Gen. 1:1-2:9)
7-14-2002 Sovereignty and Apologetics (2 Cor. 10:4-5)
7-21-2002 The Excellence of Christian Love (1 Cor. 12:31-13:3)
7-28-2002 Love is Patient toward God (1 Cor. 13:4a)
8-4-2002 Love is Patient toward Sinners (1 Cor. 13:4b)
8-11-2002 The Living Bread from Heaven (Jn. 6:1-59)
8-18-2002 Loving-kindness (1 Cor. 13:4c)
8-25-2002 Love is Contrary to Envy (1 Cor. 13:4d)
9-1-2002 Love is not Proud but Humble (1 Cor. 13:4-5a)
9-8-2002 Unselfish Christian Love (1 Cor. 13:5b)
9-15-2002 Motives to Unselfish Christian Love (1 Cor. 13:5c)
9-22-2002 Loving versus Unloving Anger (1 Cor. 13:5d)
9-29-2002 Heaven is a World of Love (Edwards part 1)
10-6-2002 Heaven is a World of Love (Edwards part 2)
10-13-2002 Remembering Jesus in the Midst of the Storm (Mt. 14:13-33) 
11-3-2002 Love is not Censorious (1 Cor. 13:5e)
11-10-2002 Love's Delight in Holiness (1 Cor. 13:6)
11-17-2002 The Fullness of Love (1 Cor. 13:7)
11-24-2002 Divine Light by J. Edwards
12-1-2002 The Permanence of Love (1 Cor. 13:8-12)
12-8-2002 The Covenant Keeping Son of God in the Gospels (Lk. 2:42)
12-15-2002 Heaven: A World of Love with Faith and Hope( 1 Cor. 13:13)
12-22-2002 Separating Christmas from Our Culture (Lk. 2:14)
12-29-2002 The Covenantal Nature of History (Gen 1. Jn 17. Heb 4)
1-5-2003 Introducing a Loving Marriage (Gen. 2:18-25)
1-12-2003 A Sketch of Marital Duties: Common to Both (Gen. 1:26-28)
1-19-2003 A Sketch of Marital Duties: Unique to Each (Gen. 2:5-25)
1-26-2003 Primacy of Preaching and Listening to Preaching (2 Tim. 4:1-5)
2-2-2003 Christian Marriage in a Fallen World (1 Pet. 3:1-12)
2-9-2003 Remembering Christ as Sabbath King (Resurrection Appearances: Gospels & Acts)
2-16-2003 Wives, Husbands, All of You (1 Pet. 3:1-12)
3-2-2003 Nourishment for Wives, Husbands, All of You (1 Pet. 3:7; Eph. 5:21-33)
3-9-2003 The Gospel of Grace (Acts 20:24)
3-9-2003 The Canons of Dort (1618-1619)
3-16-2003 The Biblical Doctrine of Total Depravity (Eph. 2:1-10)
3-23-2003 The Classic Compromise of Total Depravity (Eph. 2:5-6)
3-30-2003 You Have Been Set Free (Rom. 6:15-23)
4-6-2003 Blessing God for Electing Grace (Eph. 1:3-6)
4-13-2003 Matthew's Perspective on Our Risen Lord (Matt. 28:1-20)
4-20-2003 Death, Resurrection, and Judgment (2 Cor. 5:1-10)
5-4-2003 Election, Covenant, and Our Children (Rom. 9:1-13)
5-18-2003 Foreknew means Foreloved (Rom. 8:29)
5-25-2003 The Cleansing Power of the Cross (Heb. 9:11-14)
6-1-2003 Limited Atonement in Covenant Perspective (Heb. 13:20-21; Jn. 17)
6-8-2003 John's Perspective on Our Risen Lord (Jn. 20)
6-15-2003 God's Great Love for the World (Jn. 3:16-17)
6-22-2003 The Cross and the Sins of the Whole World (1 Jn. 1:5-2:6)
7-6-2003  Limited Atonement is Good News (Acts 20:24-28)
7-13-2003 The Marvelous Doctrine of Irresistible Calling (1 Cor. 1:9)
7-20-2003 God's Call and Our Mission (Phil. 1:3-7)
7-27-2003 Fulfilling Our Mission by Prayer (Col. 4:2-6)
8-3-2003 Persevering Grace (Phil. 2:1-13)
8-10-2003 Risen Lord Initiating Headship (Jn. 20:19-21:25)
8-17-2003 The Grace that Underlies Perseverance (Gal. 5:17)
8-24-2003 Perseverance and Justification (Rom. 2:6-13)
9-7-2003 J. Edwards: The Christian Pilgrim
9-28-2003 Facing Temptation with Persevering Grace (1 Cor. 10:13)
10-5-2003 Christian Marriage in Relation to Sexual Sins (1 Cor. 6:9-10)
10-12-2003 What About Pregnancy Outside of Marriage (1 Cor. 7:39; 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1)
10-19-2003 Sabbath King on Trial (Matt. 26:57-68)
10-23-2003 A Sinner Saved by Grace (Funeral of Barry Greene)
11-2-2003 Safety, Fullness, and Sweet Refreshment in Christ by J.Edwards
11-23-2003 There Remains a Sabbath Rest (Heb. 4:9)
11-30-2003 Introducing the Sermon on the Mount (Mat.5-7) [Audio File]
12-7-2003 The Blessed Person in Relation to God (Mat. 5:3-4, 6, 8)
12-14-2003 Remembering Jesus with a Broad Brush
12-21-2003 The Righteousness of the Blessed Person (Mat. 5:3-12)
12-28-2003 The Kingdom Blessing (Mat. 5:3, 10)
1-4-2004 Kingdom Blessings: Comfort & the Earth (Mat. 5:4-5)
1-11-2004 Giving and Receiving Pastoral Care (Eph 5:21)
1-18-2004 The Promise of Providence (Rom 8:28)
2-1-2004 Duty Based on Providence (Rom 8:28)
2-8-2004 Father, Forgive Them (Lk. 23:34a)
2-15-2004 Giving and Receiving in Gospel Ministry (1 Tim. 5:17-18)
2-22-2004 Goals in Gospel Ministry (Mat. 28:19-20)
2-29-2004 Love in Gospel Mission (Gal. 6:2-10)
3-7-2004 Kingdom Blessings: Satisfaction & Mercy (Mat. 5:6-7)
3-14-2004 Kingdom Blessings: The Vision of God (Mat. 5:8)  
3-21-2004 Kingdom Blessings: Childship to God (Mat. 5:9)  
4-4-2004 Woe to You (Lk. 6:24-26)
4-11-2004 "Amen" to the Thief on the Cross (Lk. 23.32-33, 39-43)
4-18-2004 Good Good-Works (Mat.5.13-16)  
4-25-2004 How to Think about the Law (Mat.5.17)  
5-2-2004 The Absolute Permanence of the Law (Mat.5.18)  
5-9-2004 Greatness in the Kingdom (Mat.5.19)  
5-16-2004 Righteousness that Exceeds (Mat.5.20)  
5-23-2004  The Depth of the 6th Commandment (Mat. 5.21-26)
6-6-2004 Implications from the 6th Commandment (Mat.5.21-26)  
6-13-2004 Crucifixion Love (Jn. 19.25-26)  
6-20-2004 The Restraint of Anger (Mat.5.21-26Applied)  
6-27-2004 The Depth of the 7th Law (Mat.5.27-28)  
7-4-2004 The Duty of the 7th Law (Mat.5.29-30) 
7-11-2004 The Violation of the 7th Law (Mat.5.31-32)  
7-18-2004 Speech that is True (Mat.5.33-37)  
7-25-2004 Biblical Non-resistance (Mat.5.38-42)
8-1-2004 Striving for Perfect Love (Mat.5.43-48)  
8-8-2004 Father, why have you forsaken me? (Mat.27.46)  
8-15-2004 Beware of Hypocrisy (Mat.6.1-5.16-18)  
8-22-2004 Introducing the Lord's Prayer (Mat.6.5-13)  
8-29-2004 The Lord's Family Prayer (Mat.6.9b)  
9-5-2004 Pray for the Honor of God's Name (Mat.6.9c)  
9-12-2004 Pray for the Coming of the Kingdom (Mat.6.10a) 
9-19-2004 Pray for the Doing of God's Will (Mat.6.10b)  
9-26-2004 Pray for Daily Bread (Mat.6.11)  
10-3-2004 Pray for Forgiveness as You Forgive (Mat.6.12)  
10-10-2004 I Thirst (Jn. 19.28)
10-24-2004 Prayer and Temptation: God's Providence (Mat.6.13)
11-7-2004 Prayer and Temptation: Our Weakness (Mat. 6.13; Rom. 15.30-33)
11-21-2004 Prayer and Temptation: A Diligent Use of Means (Mat 6.13c; Rom 8.13)
11-28-2004 The Christian's Prayer Life in Review: Retrospect on the Lord's Family Prayer
12-5-2004 Praying Audibly Together: One-Anothering Audible Prayer (Mat 6.9-13)
12-12-2004 The Sixth Saying from the Cross: It is Finished (Jn. 19.30)
12-19-2004 Forgiveness Required and Promised (Mat 6.14-15)
12-26-2004 God's Voice and Ours in Baptism (Acts 2.38-39)
1-2-2005 How Does a Christian Forgive? (Mat 6.14-15)
1-9-2005 Pharisaic Fasting (Mat 6.16-18)
1-16-2005 Serving God in Earthly Things (Mat 6.19-24)
1-30-2005 Solving the Worry Habit (Mat 6.25-34) [Audio]
2-13-2005 The Final Word from the Cross, a Proclamation, a Song (Lk. 23.46)

Membership Under Christ in His Church

3-6-2005 Judging Justly, not Judgmentally (Mat 7.1-5)
3-13-2005 Discriminating Christian Witness Bearing (Mat 7.6)
3-20-2005 Persistent Prayer (Mat 7.7-11)

Where (what) are the answers in the book of Job?


James (and us) looking back at Job (Jam 5.11)

4-10-2005 Implementing the Golden Rule (Mat 7.12)
4-17-2005 The Seven Sayings of Jesus from the Cross in Retrospect

The Narrowness of the Narrow Way (Mat 7.13-14)

5-1-2005 Beware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing (Mat 7.15-23)
5-8-2005 Doing What You Hear (Mat 7.24-27)
5-15-2005 Encouragement to do What You Hear (Mat 7.24-28)
5-22-2005 A Structural Look at the Sermon on the Mount (Mat 5-7)
5-29-2005 A Historical-Redemptive Reading of the Sermon on the Mount (Mat 5-7)

The Cleansing of a Leper (Mat 8.1-4)

6-12-2005 Sovereign Lord and Substitutionary Sacrifice (Mat 8.5-17)
6-19-2005 The Cost of Discipleship (Mat 8.18-22)
6-26-2005 Jesus' Rebuke of Wind and Sea (Mat 8.23-27)
7-3-2005  Encountering Demons at Gadara (Mat 8.28-9.1)
7-10-2005 Forgiveness to those Paralyzed by Sin (Mat 9.2-8)
7-17-2005 Authentic Discipleship (Mat 9.9-13)
7-31-2005 The Necessary Presence of New Wineskins (Mat 9.14-17)
8-7-2005 The Gospel of Jesus in His Miracles (Mat 9.18-35, pt1)
8-14-2005 Christ: Our Compassionate Teacher (Mat 9.18-35, pt2)
8-21-2005 The Christian Harvest (Mat 9.36-38)
8-28-2005 Apostolic Preaching and Preaching Today (Mat 10.1-15)
9-4-2005 Gospel Mission Then and Now (Mat 10.16-33)
9-11-2005 Radical Discipleship and Radical Gospel Mission (Mat 10.26-42)
9-25-2005 The Gospel Mission of Jesus (Mat 10.34-36)
10-2-2005 The Baptist and the Messiah (Mat 11.1-6)
10-9-2005 The Wonder of the Son (Lk 10.21-24)
10-16-2005 Remembering John the Baptist (Mat 11.7-15)
10-23-2005 Israel's Unbelief and God's Sovereignty (Mat 11.16-27)
10-30-2005 The Pleasant Yoke of Law Keeping (Mat 11.28-30)
11-6-2005 The Pleasant Yoke of Sabbath Keeping (Mat 12.1-4.pt1)
11-13-2005 Applying the Pleasant Sabbath Yoke (Mat 12.1-4.pt2)
11-20-2005 The Works of Sabbath Keeping (Mat 12.5-14.pt1)
11-27-2005 The Work of Sabbath Keeping (Mat 12.5-14.pt2)
12-4-2005 The 4th Commandment in the New Covenant Sabbath (Mat 12.5-14.pt3)
12-11-2005 God's Chosen Servant (Mat 12.15-21)
12-18-2005 The Charge of Demonism and Some Answers (Mat 12.22-30)
12-25-2005 Pardonable & Unpardonable Sin against the Spirit (Mat 12.31-37)
1-1-2006 The Family of God: Old and New (Mat 12.38-50)
1-8-2006 The Purpose of Parables: to Manifest Kingdom Presence (Mat 13.1-3, 33-35)
1-15-2006 The Purpose of Parables: to Conceal Kingdom Truth (Mat 13.10-17)
1-22-2006 The Purpose of Parables: to Reveal Kingdom Truth (Mat 13.10-17.pt2)
1-29-2006 The Sower, Sowing Seed (Mat 13.3-9,18-23)
2-5-2006 The Duty of Family Love (1 Peter 1.22-25)
2-12-2006 The Foundation Laying Work of Christ Our Priest (Jn 17.1)
2-19-2006 The Wheat and the Weeds (Mat 13.24-30, 36-43)
2-26-2006 The Mustard Plant (Mat 13.31-32)
3-5-2006 Gospel Leaven (Mat 13.33)
3-12-2006 Gospel Treasure (Mat 13.44)
3-19-2006 The Pearl Merchant (Mat 13.45-56)
4-2-2006 The Gospel Fish Net (Mat 13.47-50)
4-9-2006 Christian Witness Bearing (Mat 13.51-52)
4-15-2006 David King Funeral Sermon
4-16-2006 The Greeter Giving Good News (Jn 17.1b)
4-23-2006 The Reaction of the Hometown Crowd (Mat 13.53-58)
5-7-2006 The Spreading Fame of Jesus (Mat 14.1-21)
5-14-2006 Looking to Jesus in the Midst of the Storm (Mat 14.22-36)
5-21-2006 Hypocritical Speech (Mat 15.1-20, Pt 1)
5-28-2006 Scripture versus Tradition (Mat 15.1-20. Pt 2)
6-4-2006 Kingdom Bread for the Gentiles (Mat 15.21-39)
6-11-2006 Beware of Corrupt and Corrupting Doctrine (Mat 16.1-12)
6-18-2006 Our Priest as Obedient Son (Jn 17.1c)
6-25-2006 The Church Jesus Builds (Mat 16.13-20.Pt1)
7-2-2006 Building the Church on Peter (Mat 16.13-20.Pt2)
7-9-2006 How Does Christ Build His Church? (Mat 16.13-20.Pt3)
7-16-2006 Building the Church on Peter with Promise (Mat 16.13-20.Pt4)
7-23-2006 God-Minded Discipleship (Mat 16.21-28)
7-30-2006 The Transfiguration-"Second" Coming Glory of Christ (Mat 16.28-17.2)
8-6-2006 Transfiguration as Gospel (Mat 17.1-13)
8-13-2006 The Gift of Life by the Sacrifice of Christ (Jn 17.2)
8-20-2006 Training in Faith, Grief, and Love (Mat 17.14-27)
9-10-2006 In the Schoolhouse of Grief (Heb 13.17)
9-17-2006 The Church as a Royal Family (Mat 18.1-5)
9-24-2006 Contradiction within the Royal Family (Mat18.6-14)
10-1-2006           Discipline within the Royal Family, Step One: Conversation in Private (Mat 18.15-17.pt1)
10-8-2006        Discipline within the Royal Family, Step Two: Conversation with Witnesses (Mat 18.15-17.pt2)
10-15-2006 Jesus is Our Life-giving King (Jn 17.2-3)
10-22-2006 Discipline within the Royal Family, Step Three: Conversation with the Church (Mat 18.15-17.pt3)
10-29-2006 Promise Regarding Church Discipline (Mat 18.18-20)
11-5-2006 The Duty of Forgiveness (Mat 18.21-35)
11-12-2006 Questioning the Permanence of Marriage (Mat 19.1-12)
11-19-2006 Bringing Children to Christ (Mat 19.13-15)
12-3-2006 Is It Even Possible to Obtain Eternal Life (Mat 19.16-26)
12-10-2006 The Great Reversal: When Last is First (Mat 19.27-20.16)
12-17-2006 The Covenantally Obedient Son of God (Jn 17.4-5)
12-24-2006 Christmas within a Christian Worldview (Luke 2.14)
12-31-2006 God's Chief End (Rom 11.36)
1-7-2007 The Covenantal Nature of History (Gen 2.1-3)
1-21-2007 Looking Back to Future Salvation Now Accomplished (Mat.20.17-19)
1-28-2007 Desiring Greatness (Mat.20.20-28)
2-4-2007 The Efficacious Ransom of Many (Mat.20.28)
2-11-2007 God is the Suffering Servant (Mk.10.45)
2-18-2007 The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Mat.20.29-21.11)
3-4-2007 Anticipating New Temple Worship (Mat.21.12-22)
3-11-2007 The Authority of Jesus (Mat.21.23-32)
3-25-2007 Triumph through Rejection (Mat.21.33-46)
4-1-2007 Called and Chosen (Mat.22.1-14)
4-8-2007 Jesus is Our Loving Teacher (Jn.17.4-8)
4-15-2007 The Tax Trap and Money Obligations (Mat.22.15-22)
4-22-2007 The Resurrection Trap (Mat.22.23-33)
4-29-2007 The Great Commandment Trap (Mat.22.34-40)
5-6-2007 The Table-Turning Trap (Mat.22.41-46)
5-13-2007 True Greatness in Pointed Contrast (Mat.23.1-12)
5-20-2007 Woes to Hypocrites (Mat.23.13-36)
5-27-2007 The Lament of Jesus over Jerusalem (Mat.23.37-39)
6-3-2007 A Framework for Understanding the Olivet Discourse (Mat.24.1-3)
6-10-2007 Signs of His Coming Part One (Mat.24.4-14): Wars, Tribulation, & Gospel Proclamation
6-17-2007 Covenantally Faithful Mediator (Jn.17.9-11c)
7-1-2007 Signs of His Coming Part Two (Mat.24.15-31): Great Tribulation & the Return of Christ
7-8-2007 The Time of Christ's Coming (Mat.24.32-36)
7-15-2007 Be Alert, Ready, and Faithful (Mat.24.37-51)
7-22-2007 Wise Watching for Christ's Return (Mat.25.1-13)
7-29-2007 The Parable of the Talents (Mat.25.14-30)
8-5-2007 Final Separation at the Coming of Christ (Mat.25.31-46)
8-12-2007 A Prelude to Crucifixion (Mat.26.1-16)
8-19-2007 Passover Triumph over Betrayal (Mat.26.17-25)
8-26-2007 A Meal not a Sacrifice ( [Audio]
9-2-2007 Gospel Sign not Miraculous Event ( [Audio]
9-9-2007 The Presence of Jesus at the Table ( [Audio]
9-16-2007 Oath Added to Promise ( [Audio]
9-23-2007 Jesus, Our Singing Savior (Mat.26.30) [Audio]
9-30-2007 Contradicting Christ (Mat.26.31-35) [Audio]
10-7-2007 The Prayers of Jesus in Gethsemane (Mat.26.36-46) [Audio]
10-14-2007 Responding to His Arrest (Mat.26.47-56) [Audio]
10-21-2007 Condemned in the Highest Court (Mat.26.57-68) [Audio]
10-28-2007 Calling Peter and Passing by Judas (Mat.26.69-27.10) [Audio]
11-4-2007 The Humiliation of Christ in the Roman "Court" (Mat.27.11-31) [Audio]
11-11-2007 The Gospel of Jesus' Crucifixion (Mat.27.32-44)  [Audio]
11-18-2007 Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me (Mat.27.45-50)? [Audio]
11-25-2007 The Gospel in Curious Events and Unusual Voices (Mat.27.51-54) [Audio]
12-2-2007 The Appearance of the Risen Jesus to Some Women (Mat.27.55-28-15) [Audio]
12-9-2007 The Commission of the Apostles by the Risen Jesus ( [Audio]
12-23-2007 Your Commission from the Risen Jesus ( [Audio]
12-30-2007 Teaching & Learning Good, Good Works (Mat.5.13-16; 28.16-20) [Audio]
1-6-2008 Considering Jesus in the Book of Hebrews (1.1-13.25) [Audio]
1-13-2008 God Spoke and His Son is His Speech (Heb.1.1-4) [Audio]
1-20-2008 God Says, "Worship My Son" (Heb.1.5-14) [Audio]
1-27-2008 Exhortation to Attentiveness (Heb.2.1-4) [Audio]
2-3-2008 Covenant Heirs are the Son's Inheritance (Heb.2.5-9) [Audio]
2-10-2008 Applying Hebrews 2.1 & 10.24-25: The Primacy of Preaching in the Gathered Church [Audio]
2-17-2008 The Fittingness of the Son's Suffering (Heb.2.10-13) [Audio]
2-24-2008 Purposes of the Incarnation (Heb.2.14-18) [Audio]
3-2-2008 Consider the Faithfulness of Jesus (Heb.3.1-6) [Audio]
3-9-2008 The Danger of Heart Hardening (Heb.3.7-11) [Audio]
3-16-2008 The Dangers of Heart Hardening and What to do about it ( [Audio]
3-23-2008 Exhort One Another with Open-minded Humility ( [Audio]
3-28-2008 ETS: Accepting Baptisms Different from Our Own: Baptist Theology that Grants Validity to Infant Baptism
4-6-2008 Exhort One Another with Open-minded Humility ( [Audio]
4-13-2008 Jesus Praying for the Preservation of His Covenant Family (Jn.17.11d-15) [Audio]
4-20-2008 Duty Arising from the Promise of Rest (Heb.4.1-8) [Audio]
4-27-2008 The Sabbath Remains on Sunday (Heb.4.9-10.pt1) [Audio]
5-4-2008 The Weekly Sabbath Remains as a Sign of Work Leading to Rest (Heb.4.9-10.pt2) [Audio]
5-11-2008 The Works that Weekly Sabbath Keeping Encourage (Heb.4.9-10.pt3) [Audio]
5-18-2008 Striving by the Word to Enter into Rest (Heb.4.11-13) [Audio]
6-1-2008 Hold Fast by Drawing Near (Heb.4.14-16) [Audio]
6-8-2008 Jesus, Our Unique High Priest (Heb.5.1-10) [Audio]
6-15-2008 Spiritual Dullness and What to do about it (Heb.5.11-6.2) [Audio]
6-22-2008 The Basics & How to Transcend Them (Heb.6.1-3.pt1): Transcending Repentance [Audio]
6-29-2008 Faith and How to Transcend it (Heb.6.1-3.pt2) [Audio]
7-13-2008 Baptisms and How to Transcend Them (Heb.6.1-3.pt3) [Audio]
7-20-2008 Going Beyond the Laying on of Hands (Heb.6.1-3.pt4) [Audio]
7-27-2008 Going Beyond the Resurrection of the Dead (Heb.6.1-3.pt5) [Audio]
8-10-2008 Transcending Eternal Judgment (Heb.6.1-3.pt6) [Audio]
8-17-2008 Going Beyond the Basics by the Power of God (Heb.6.3) [Audio]
8-24-2008 Remembering the Consecration of Christ (Jn.17.16-19) [Audio]
8-31-2008 Apostasy and Perseverance in Contrast (Heb.6.4-10) [Audio]
9-7-2008 Hope: a Sure and Steadfast Anchor of the Soul (Heb.6.11-20) [Audio]
9-14-2008 The Greatness of Melchizedek Reveals the Greatness of Jesus (Heb.7.1-10) [Audio]
9-21-2008 The Perfection of Our Lord's Priesthood (Heb.7.11-19) [Audio]
9-28-2008 Jesus is a Perfect Savior (Heb.7.20-28) [Audio]
10-5-2008 Jesus has a more Excellent Ministry (Heb.8.1-6a)
10-12-2008 Jesus is the Savior of the World (Jn.17.20-23) [Audio]
10-19-2008 The Better Promises of the New Covenant (Heb.8.6-13) [Audio]
10-26-2008 Jesus Obtained Eternal Redemption (Heb.9.1-12) [Audio]
11-2-2008 A Greater Purification (Heb.9.13-14) [Audio]
11-9-2008 Mediation for those He Calls (Heb.9.15) [Audio]
11-16-2008 The Better Sacrifice of Christ (Heb.9.16-28) [Audio]
11-23-2008 Proclaiming God's Delight in the Sacrifice of Christ (Heb.10.1-9a) [Audio]
11-30-2008 The Sanctifying Effectiveness of the Cross (Heb.10.9b-18) [Audio]
12-7-2008 The Privilege of Drawing Near (Heb.10.19-22) [Audio]
12-14-2008 With Him Where He Is (Jn.17.24) [Audio]
12-22-2008 Grace to a Suffering Lamb (Funeral of Lola Stanley) [Audio]
12-28-2008 God's Chief End and Ours (Rom. [Audio]
1-4-2009 Fulfilling Our Chief End ( [Audio]
1-11-2009 Drawing Near in a Fitting Way (Heb.10.22) [Audio]
1-18-2009 A Determined Confession of Our Hope (Heb.10.23a) [Audio]
1-25-2009 Encouragement to a Determined Confession of Our Hope (Heb.10.23b) [Audio]
2-1-2009 Stirring Up Love (Heb.10.24-25.pt1) [Audio]
2-8-2009 Our Lord's Confidence at the Throne of Grace (Jn.17.25-26) [Audio]
2-15-2009 Practical Duty that goes with Stirring up Love (Heb.10.24-25.pt2) [Audio]
2-22-2009 A Serious Warning (Heb.10.26-31) [Audio]
3-1-2009 Encouragements to Keep Your Confidence (Heb.10.32-39) [Audio]
3-8-2009 The Objective Nature of Faith (Heb.11.1) [Audio]
3-15-2009 Making Sense of the Commendation of Sinners (Heb.11.2a) [Audio]
3-20-2009 Paradox: Man does not have Free Will but he does have Full Responsibility [ETS.paper]
3-22-2009 Understanding Commendation in Light of the Gift of Faith (Heb.11.2b) [Audio]
3-29-2009 Knowing Our World by Faith (Heb.11.3) [Audio]
4-5-2009 Knowing Our World by Faith (Heb.11.3.pt2) [Audio]
4-12-2009 Remembering Our Great High Priest (Jn.17.1-26) [Audio]
4-19-2009 By Faith Abel Lives (Heb.11.4) [Audio]
4-26-2009 By Faith Enoch Pleased God (Heb.11.5-6) [Audio]
5-3-2009 Noah's Obedient Faith (Heb.11.7a) [Audio]
5-10-2009 Noah's Righteousness by Faith (Heb.11.7b) [Audio]
5-17-2009 Abraham's Faith (Heb.11.8-10) [Audio]
5-24-2009 Sarah is also among the Faithful (Heb.11.11-12) [Audio]
5-31-2009 Facing Death with Hope-filled Faith (Heb.11.13-16) [Audio]
6-7-2009 The Command to Offer Isaac to God in Sacrifice (Heb.11.17-19) [Audio]
6-14-2009 The Goal of Our Lord's Priestly Mediation (Jn.17.1-26.pt2) [Audio]
6-21-2009 Isaac, Jacob, Joseph: Meeting Death with Hope (Heb.11.20-22) [Audio]
7-5-2009 Lessons in Faith from the Life of Moses (Heb.11.23-28) [Audio]
7-12-2009 Faith is the Victory through Suffering (Heb.11.29-40) [Audio]
7-19-2009 Encouragement to Faith in Hebrews 11.1-40 [Audio]
7-26-2009 Run the Race of Your Life (Heb.12.1-4) [Audio]
8-2-2009 Receiving Discipline from Our Lord (Heb.12.5-11) [Audio]
8-9-2009 Perspective on Receiving Discipline from Our Lord (Heb.12.5-11.Pt2) [Audio]
8-16-2009 Remember: Jesus is Your Priest (Jn.17.1-26) [Audio]
8-23-2009 Run the Path of Peace and Holiness (Heb.12.12-14) [Audio]
8-30-2009 More on the Duty of Peace-Making Holiness (Heb.12.15-24) [Audio]
9-6-2009 Where Have You Come (Heb.12.15-24.Pt2)? [Audio]
9-13-2009 Grateful Worship (Heb.12.25-29) [Audio]
9-20-2009 Let Love Abide (Heb.13.1-3) [Audio]
9-27-2009 Perspective on Marriage (Heb.13.4) [Audio]
10-4-2009 Money Matters (Heb.13.5-6) [Audio]
10-11-2009 An Exhortation Regarding Pastoral Leadership (Heb.13.7-9) [Audio]
10-18-2009 The Fidelity of Our Lord in the Past, Present, and Future (Heb.13.8) [Audio]
11-8-2009 Feasting in Worship from a New Altar (Heb.13.10-16) [Audio]
11-15-2009 Submission to Pastoral Care (Heb.13.17-19) [Audio]
11-22-2009 Benediction Par Excellence (Heb.13.20-25) [Audio]
11-29-2009 Hebrews 1.1-13.25 in Retrospect (Pt.1.Exhortation) [Audio]
12-06-2009 Hebrews 1.1-13.25 in Retrospect (Pt.2.Surprises) [Audio]
12-13-2009 Hebrews 1.1-1-13.25 in Retrospect (Pt.3.Remembering Jesus) [Audio]
12-20-2009 The Depth of God's Riches (Rom.11.33-36) [Audio]
12-27-2009 Glorifying God As a Living Sacrifice (Rom.12.1-2) [Audio]
1-3-2010 Luke's Narrative about Jesus: Beginning the Story (Lk.1.1-24.53) [Audio]
1-10-2010 Luke's Introduction to His Narrative (Lk.1.1-4) [Audio]
1-17-2010 The Angelic Announcement of the Birth and Mission of John (Lk.1.5-25) [Audio]
1-24-2010 The Angelic Announcement of the Virgin Birth of Jesus (Lk 1.26-38) [Audio]
2-14-2010 The Encounter of Mary, Elizabeth, John and Jesus (Lk 1.39-56) [Audio]
2-21-2010 Annual Family Meeting: Membership in the Church and Churches of Christ (1 Tim 3.14-16) [Audio]
2-28-2010 Events Associated with the Birth of a Son to Elizabeth (Lk 1.57-80) [Audio]
3-7-2010 The Birth of the Messiah (Lk 2.1-20) [Audio]
3-14-2010 The Prophecies of Simeon and Anna (Lk 2.21-38) [Audio]
3-21-2010 Simeon and Anna Proclaiming the Gospel of the Firstborn (Lk 2.21-38.pt2) [Audio]
3-28-2010 Communion: The Covenant Keeping Resolve of the Young Jesus (Lk 2.39-52) [Audio]
4-4-2010 John's Preaching in Preparation for the Coming One (Lk 3.1-20) [Audio]
4-8-2010 Funeral of Louise Brown: An Example of Faith in Jesus Christ the Risen Lord
4-11-2010 John's Baptism for the New Israel (Lk 3.1-20.pt2) [Audio]
4-18-2010 John's Baptism, the New Israel, and "Covenant" Children (Lk 3.1-20.pt3) [Audio]
4-25-2010 The Triune God in the Ministry of Jesus (Lk 3.21-22) [Audio]
5-2-2010 An Extraordinary Family Tree (Lk 3.23-38) [Audio]
5-9-2010 The Temptation of Christ, son of Adam (Lk 4.1-13) [Audio]