Preaching Communion Remembrances, a book by Richard Ostella

“Richard Ostella (WTS, B. D., 1972; Th. M., 1976) makes a brief (44 pp.) but thoughtful biblical case for preaching on communion whenever communion is observed. Whether or not one agrees with the author's central thesis, those seeking a deeper appreciation of the meaning of the Lord's Supper will benefit from his stimulating reflections, always focused on the text of Scripture.”

        – Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, WTS

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Supplement to Preaching Communion Remembrances:

Going Back to the Biblical Worldview, not Beyond it, in Covenant Remembering

(ETS, Grand Rapids, 2006)

Examples of Communion Sermons

The Seven Sayings from the Cross

1. Father, Forgive Them (Lk 23.34a)

2. “Amen” to the Thief on the Cross (Lk 23.32-33, 39-43)

3. Crucifixion Love (Jn 19.25-26)

4. Father, Why Have You Forsaken Me? (Mt 27.46)

5. I Thirst (Jn 19.28)

6. It Is Finished (Jn 19.30)

7. The 7th Saying: A Proclamation, a Song

The Seven Sayings in Retrospect


Gospel Remembering: Whole and in Part

Remembering along the Lines of God’s Reminding (1 Cor 11:24; Gospels) [Audio]

Matthew’s Remembering

Mark’s Remembering [Audio | Side A] [Side B]

Luke’s Remembering [Audio | Side A] [Side B]

John’s Remembering [Audio | Side A] [Side B]

Highlights from the Four Gospels: Jesus, Covenant Keeping Son of God


Other Selections

The Radical Determination of Christ (Lk 2:49; Mt 3:15; Jn 8:28; Jn 12:27-28)

Remembering the Determined Love of Jesus (Jn 12:20-36)

Some Lines of the Spirit’s Reminding in the New Testament [Audio | Side A] [Side B]

Do You remember? (His humiliation and His Exaltation)

The Temptation of Christ (Mt 4:1-11)

Remembering the Lord of Glory (Jn 12:27-28a) [Audio]

Christ Our Fellow Traveler (Lk 24:1-53) [Audio]

Jesus: Our Singing Servant King (Rom 15:7-13) [Audio]

Remembering by Means of Two Major Events (1 Tim 3:16)

Christ Our Teacher (Lk 15)

Remembering Christ in Covenant Perspective (1 Cor 11:25) [Audio]

The Seeking Savior (Lk 19:1-10)

The Living Bread from Heaven (Jn 6:1-59) [Audio]

Remembering Jesus in the Midst of the Storm (Mt 14:13-33)

Remembering Christ as Sabbath King (Resurrection Appearances) [Audio]

Matthew’s Perspective on Our Risen Lord (Matt 28:1-20) [Audio]

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Sermons on communion (sermons that are not, however, communion sermons):

A Meal not a Sacrifice

Gospel Sign not Miraculous Event

The Presence of Jesus at the Table (Mt 26.26-30, Pt 3) [Audio]